Holding conferences and seminars

Each year the Institute holds scientific conferences and seminars, including international, on the development of publishing and printing industry. The conferences invite scholars, professors, graduate students, university students and representatives of research institutions, commercial companies and other organizations whose activities are relevant to the subject of the conference. We have already held 21 such conferences.

The Institute also conducts conferences, seminars, business meetings, trainings, corporate events to order of other organizations.

Our conference room is located in the city of Kyiv, Kyoto street, 25, 3rd passage, metro station «Lisova». The conference room has an area of 520 square meters and can accommodate 240 people. The conference room has all the necessary equipment: screen, multimedia projector, computer, microphone.

The main advantages of our conference room are:

• convenient location;

• availability of presentation, sound and multimedia equipment;

• loyal pricing policy;

• the possibility of coffee breaks.

The basic rule of holding conferences is to create a unique comfortable atmosphere to achieve the maximum effect of the events.

We are always ready to give you advice and practical assistance on the holding conferences on the development of publishing and printing industry. For advice, please call:

+38 050 355 34 43
+38 068 523 08 80
+38 063 523 48 27

You can also send a request to e-mail:

e-mail: office@ukrndisvd.com.ua