«Tatar fairy-tales»

The book «Tatar fairy-tales» includes 14 tales. This collection of fairy-tales represents a new approach to the design and publication of children’s literature, uses global trends publishing. First, each spread of the book contains illustrations (128 pages). Second, we used the austrian paper «Artik Volium», on which the pictures are bright and voluminous. The cover of the book has elements of selective varnishing. Third, the book is designed by the standards and hygienic requirements for the design of children’s books. Fourth, the text isn’t printed on the pictures at every spread of the book. Fifth, the background under the text doesn’t interfere with the child to read the text.

Tatar fairy-tales will be interesting, informative and instructive for young readers. From the collection children get knowledge about the life, customs and traditions of tatar, which is part of many millions of people in Ukraine.

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