Development of technical specifications

Technical specifications are an important regulatory instrument that determines technical requirements for products of the manufacturer. Technical specifications describe the physical, chemical or technological properties of products, rules of acceptance, methods of control, labeling, storage conditions and transportation, manufacturer’s warranty. Requirements of technical specifications mustn’t contradict the mandatory requirements of state (interstate) standards to these products.

Technical specifications are binding instrument of manufacturing company. They are an integral part of the mass production of any product. That it’s so important to entrust doing technical specifications professionals, who have extensive experience in this field. Our experts prepare projects of technical specifications, they check them for compliance with regulations and legislation of Ukraine.

Our Institute has years of experience in the development and introduction of technical specifications for different products and changes to the technical specifications, including:

• technical specifications for the pension certificates and one change to them;

• technical specifications for banknotes and two changes to them;

• technical specifications for certificate of compulsory state social insurance and one change to them;

• technical specifications for excise stamps and one change to them;

• technical specifications for labels for food packaging, medical supplies, household goods, souvenirs and seven changes to them.

The process of creating technical specifications consists of the following stages:

• development of technical specifications;

• approval of technical specifications of the customer;

• approval of technical specifications by appropriate authorities;

• introduction of technical specifications in the catalog «Technical specifications of Ukraine».

The necessary information to development of technical specifications:

• certificate of registration of the company;

• product name and description;

• a list of materials which used for production;

• methods of control;

• requirements for packaging and labeling;

• sphere of application of products;

• desired shelf life.

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