Private Joint-Stock Company «Ukrainian Research Institute of Special Printing Processes» Сorporate Enterprise SJSC «Ukrvydavpoligrafiya» is the only one in Ukraine research institution that develops and implements complex scientific and technical programs of creation inks new generation for different printing methods and develops standards for putting on the production of various printed products and materials. The Institute works for over half a century and remains one of the leading research institutions of publishing and printing industry.

The main areas of scientific and technical activity of the company:

• development and production of screen printing inks;

• development and manufacturing of oil paints;

• development and production of cheque inks and speciality inks to protect against counterfeiting of label and packaging materials;

• development and implementation of standards, technical specifications, technologic orders production;

• examination of the quality of printed products and inks;

• registration of applications for patenting inventions;

• holding of scientific conferences and seminars on publishing and printing industry;

• preparation and publication of editions;

• providing scientific and technical services.

The policy of Ukrainian Research Institute of Special Printing Processes aims at development and production of quality products, improvement of quality products, development of new technologies for the production of inks, flexible price policy and high culture of customer service. The company takes care of environmental protection during the manufacturing of inks. The high quality inks is the main condition for long-term presence in the publishing and printing industry, the stability of the economic situation and further development of the company.